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When it comes to gaining access to money tied up in invoices, and streamlining your accounting processes, APositive and our Payroll Finance solutions are the ideal answer for Australia’s hardworking recruitment, labour hire and professional service sectors.
But with our newly minted integration with accounting software powerhouse Xero, our customers’ potential for enhanced efficiency and accelerated growth has reached all-time highs.
Integrations with your timesheet and payroll systems have allowed you immediate access to funding and now you can write back all transactions for super efficient account reconciliations.
Laptop screen showing Xero as a connected app in the APositive user interface

Benefits and pain points solved

The legwork involved in chasing invoices, the risks of accruing bad debts, and the stresses these issues have on meeting your own payroll obligations and growth have been problems that APositive has repeatedly shown that we are the experts at solving for staffing customers.
With Xero successfully integrated into the mix, seamless and automated data transfers between your payroll funding solution, your timesheet and invoice processes and now bookkeeping can be your organisation’s new reality.
Eliminate these common headaches
  • Manually transferring invoice and accounting data
  • Accounting administration errors
  • Chasing reports to see what payments are overdue
  • Sourcing last minute funds to meet payroll
Benefits that empower your business
  • Seamless automation between timesheeting, Invoice Finance & Accounting systems
  • Instant access to funding & fast reconciliations
  • The ability to rapidly scale your business with confidence
  • Real-time access to accurate bookkeeping and financial data

Introducing Xero

When it comes to cutting down paperwork and managing accounting, invoices and bank reconciliations, there is no tool more powerful than Xero’s accounting software.
As global leaders in this space, they provide world-class technology and empower your staff to automate and manage your finance processes from anywhere, at any time.
With business plans catering to any sized business’s budget, Xero is a no-brainer solution for any business wanting to cut down their manual administration, get their finances in order and focus on business success.
When combined with APositive’s innovative payroll funding solutions, you can successfully scale your business with speed and confidence without being bogged down by administrative manual tasks, bad debts or invoice chasing.
A screen from the APositive application showing Xero settings
Get your free Xero trial

If you are looking to take the next step in your business and streamline all your accounting processes into one system, Xero offer a free trial for you to get a true taste of its potential.


Need more information about the APositive-Xero Integration? If your question isn’t answered here, drop us a line and let’s chat.

What does the APositive-Xero integration do?

The integration pushes all of the transactions from your APositive Client Account into a dedicated bank account within Xero – making reconciliation and balancing of your Customer collections and APositive facility transactions easier.

Which transactions are posted as part of the APositive-Xero integration?

The integration will post all of the transactions that affect your Client Account balance of your APositive facility, namely:

  • Payments made to you
  • Collections received from Customers
  • Fees and charges incurred
  • GST incurred on fees and charges
How do I set up the APositive-Xero Integration?

Setting up the APositive-Xero integration is a quick one-time process, completed via the APositive Client Portal.  To do this, you must have special permissions within the APositive Portal added to your account – please speak to one of our team to arrange this.  As part of this process, you will receive a step by step guide on how to complete the integration connection.

I can’t see the Xero integration option within my APositive Client Portal

In order to get the integration up and running, our team must first grant you special access via the APositive Client Portal. If you do not see an option to connect Xero, please contact our team who will arrange access.

What do I need to do to push the data from APositive to Xero?

Once connected, every morning at around 7am (Melbourne time) all un-posted transactions will be pushed to Xero. There is a manual post transactions button within the APositive Client Portal that may also be used should you need to reconcile your books during the day.

Will any historical transactions from my APositive Client account be posted to Xero?

Once established, the APositive-Xero integration will only push transactions from the connection date onwards. This means that any transactions that have happened prior to this must be added to your Xero manually.

How do I turn off automatic transaction posting?


  • Log in to the APositive Client Portal.
  • Navigate to Settings > Xero from the menu
  • Hit the ‘Edit’ button (the pencil icon on the bottom right of the screen)
  • Click the ‘Enabled’ toggle to the ‘off’ position

Please Note: once the connection is re-enabled (via the re-enabling of the toggle) all of the transactions that have yet to be pushed from the time of disabling to the time of re-enabling will be posted. As such, this is a better option than disconnecting the account completely (see below) if you just want to pause the posting of transactions for a short period of time.

How do I disconnect the APositive-Xero integration?


  • Log in to the APositive Client Portal
  • Navigate to Settings > Connected Apps from the menu
  • Find the Xero menu item under the Connected Apps section
  • Click the trash can button within this box and confirm that you wish to disconnect

Please Note: once you disconnect you will not be able to push any transactions that occur between your disconnect time and the time you reconnect – you will have to add these manually.

My APositive transactions don’t appear in my Xero account - what should I do?

The most common reasons (and solutions to this) are as follows:

  • There are no transactions to post, check your transaction history in the APositive Client Portal for transaction dates and times.
  • The transaction occurred after the automatic transaction posting. Any transactions that happen after the scheduled morning post will not be automatically posted until the next day. To manually post, go to the Settings > Xero menu within the APositive Client Portal and hit the ‘Arrow’ icon within the ‘Transaction Posting’ box.
  • The APositive-Xero integration has been disabled or disconnected – see above. When this is the case, no transactions will be posted. To check if this is the problem, check the enabled status in the Settings > Xero menu and also check the connection status in the Settings > Connected Apps menu
  • The destination Xero bank account configured in the APositive Client Portal has been changed in Xero. To check the bank account within Xero that the transactions are posting to, go to Settings > Xero within the APositive Client Portal. Verify that you can still see that account in Xero.

Failing any of the above, please contact our team who will assist you in getting this resolved.

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