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Greg Savage: Growing a profitable temp and contract desk

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Running a successful temp desk may seem like a daunting task, but in these times of economic uncertainty, it could be your golden ticket to not just surviving but thriving in a market on the rebound.

Flexible staffing is now in high demand, and a well-run temp desk can be the key to unlocking profits and staying ahead of the curve. So why wait? Let’s explore the possibilities and discover how a successful temp and contract desk could be your ticket to success.

Join us for our upcoming webinar with industry expert Greg Savage, as we discuss strategies and best practices for building a profitable temp and contract desk. Whether you’re new to recruitment or a seasoned pro, this event will provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you grow your business.

Key Takeaways

A punchy informative one-hour webinar explaining why a strong temp desk is vital for a recruitment business to thrive, including concepts and strategies for managers and leaders - and ideas for Temp recruiters to use immediately.

The session will cover these topics:

  • The size and scale of Temporary and Contract Staffing.
  • The importance of temp/contract revenues to a recruitment business.
  • Characteristics of an outstanding Temp Recruiter.
  • Essential candidate skills needed to thrive.
  • Managing and understanding candidate objections.
  • What Temp clients expect from recruiters.
  • Key client skills needed to build a temp desk.
  • Sales and BD to drive Temp.
  • Steps to scale Temp/Contract business.
  • Specific action steps to start a temp business.
  • Risks and traps of Temp recruitment.


Greg Savage
Greg Savage

With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world.


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