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Unlocking capital and growth: a partnership success story with Pacific Finance

Unlocking Capital and Growth – A Partnership Success Story with Pacific Finance

In the competitive world of commercial finance, specialisation and an understanding of client needs set industry leaders apart. Pacific Finance, headed by the Joel Quartermaine, is a testament to this within the commercial finance broker field in Western Australia. Joel's expertise in equipment and commercial financing, especially within the capital-intensive sectors such as mining, transport, and manufacturing, has made a substantial impact on the businesses he works with.

Offering specialised and tailored financial solutions

The finance industry often presents a complex landscape for businesses looking for tailored financial solutions, particularly those that address the unique demands of high-cost equipment and expansion projects. Joel acknowledges the limitations commonly found in general finance providers:

"When it comes to anything capital intensive, that's where I thrive."

This ability to specialise is crucial when brokers like Joel seek partners in finance—it is not just about offering services but about ensuring these services are the right fit for clients. It was the search for specialised finance for the recruitment and labour hire industry that led Joel and APositive’s Chief Revenue Officer, Darren Cottrell to connect and form a partnership.

Delivering expert, customised service

APositive's partnership with Pacific Finance has been a strategic one, with both businesses sharing a common goal—delivering expert, customised service to each client.

"I choose to partner with APositive because they're specialists in their field."

The specialised focus of APositive allows Pacific Finance to avoid the generic "one-size-fits-all approach" and instead provide solutions that are specialised and tailored to each unique client.

Putting businesses on the road to success

The partnership between Joel and APositive has already yielded significant success stories. In one standout deal, they tackled a client in the mining sector stifled by their current lending conditions.

"By refinancing with APositive, we were able to untangle the cross-collateralisation issues, increase funding, and facilitate their expansion,"

This move not only streamlined the client's operations but delivered growth in an impressively tangible way.

APositive has not only been able to provide quick and easy access to funding for startups, but they've also helped them set up back-office and payroll solutions, ensuring they're on the road to success and allowing them to focus on running and growing their businesses.

A personalised approach to partnerships

It isn't just the excellent service that makes APositive stand out for Joel, it is the personalised approach that they take with all their partnerships.

"It's hard not to mention Darren's iconic baby blue jacket from their promotional materials. My longstanding relationship with Darren adds a personal touch that goes a long way in our partnership."

Industry acumen and market-specific products

Joel’s experience demonstrates how relationships between specialists in finance can benefit clients. With shared industry acumen and market-specific products, together they deliver a solution combining that provides immeasurable value to their clients. ‍

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