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APositive helps find the cure for TripleO Medical Recruitment’s funding delays

APositive finds the cure for TripleO Medical Recruitment’s funding delays

Introducing Triple0 Medical Recruitment

Medical recruitment is an indispensable industry that serves as the vital link connecting highly skilled healthcare professionals with diverse job opportunities across various facilities. Companies like Triple0 Medical Recruitment play a crucial role in bridging the gap between these talented healthcare professionals and the essential medical roles that require their expertise, ensuring optimal placement to deliver top-quality medical care to those in need.

Triple0 Medical Recruitment emerged in 1999, recognising the untapped potential of connecting local New Zealand doctors with enticing job opportunities. Since then, they have diligently grown their business, solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the medical recruitment space.

The situation

With the formidable obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Triple0 Medical Recruitment encountered challenges. Compounded by the pressing demands and economic tightening from the pandemic, traditional banks imposed time consuming and tedious barriers upon businesses like Triple0. With the COVID-19 pandemic, banks had been reducing their exposure to New Zealand businesses at the same time Triple0 was growing rapidly. This posed a predicament for Triple0, necessitating a solution to navigate these circumstances.

With barriers placed by traditional banks towards New Zealand based businesses, Triple0 risked loss of trust with clients and candidates, harming the business’s reputation and negatively affecting its growth prospects. The company also faced administrative burdens associated with invoicing and payroll management, taking up significant time and resources.

To address these challenges, Triple0 sought a collaborative partner to grow with them, without the constraints imposed by traditional banks. Triple0 also required a streamlined process for invoicing and payroll management, as they aimed to unlock valuable time and resources to enhance efficiency in their core business operations.

“Working with APositive has been great, right from the start. Their team is incredibly responsive, and the whole process from initial discussions with Darren to onboarding and our ongoing partnership has been simple and straightforward. The team even checks in with us before public holidays to ensure we have the funding needed.”

“Before APositive there was a lot of stress in educating the bank about our cash flow requirements as they didn’t understand our industry. Now, there’s no issues at all. We know everything is running smoothly as APositive understands us and the APositive online portal makes all of this easy.”

Enter APositive

APositive provided the solution to Triple0 Medical Recruitment’s funder issues. APositive provided payroll financing that enabled Triple0 to pay their candidates without worry of time barriers. Additionally, APositive’s integrated invoicing software streamlined Triple0’s processes and made it easy for them to request funds. This partnership helped Triple0 grow quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when traditional banks were not forthcoming with financing.

APositive’s invoice finance solution allowed Triple0 to advance funds against their outstanding invoices the same day they are raised, without being subject to the restrictions imposed by traditional banks. APositive’s invoice finance solution allows Triple0 to advance funds against their outstanding invoices the same day they are raised, without being subject to the restrictions imposed by traditional banks. This gives Triple0 the confidence that payroll demands can be met without stress.

APositive also facilitated a streamlined process for invoicing and payroll management through their software partner, Astute. The software empowered Triple0 to efficiently manage their invoicing and payroll requirements, freeing up time and resources for other business operations without constraints.

“Our partnership with APositive has allowed us to grow at the pace we want to without being restricted by what we’ve invoiced prior to cash from them. It’s enabled us to grow as quickly as we can, especially during COVID, without worrying about payment delays or cash flow issues. To anyone considering using APositive’s services I would say go for it! I highly recommend them.”

The outcomes

The partnership between Triple0 Medical Recruitment and APositive has provided a variety of positive outcomes including:

  • Eliminating funding frustrations for Triple0 by dealing with a funder that understands their business.
  • Streamlined invoicing and payroll processes, reducing administrative burdens.
  • Enhanced visibility with the ability to quickly and easily track the status of every invoice.
  • With funding integrated with the invoicing, timesheets and payroll software, APositive funds are made available the moment invoices are raised. Plenty of time to meet tight payroll timelines.
  • Enabled uninterrupted growth for Triple0 during the pandemic, meeting client needs without financial constraints.

To other New Zealand-based business managers who need help with invoice financing and payroll funding, Triple0 Medical Recruitment recommends APositive. Triple0 commends the simple processes and the responsiveness of the APositive team at all turns. Since partnering with APositive, Triple0 has enjoyed a more suited funding arrangement and the collaboration has been highly successful. As a result, the company highly endorses APositive’s services to other business managers who are seeking to streamline their processes and concentrate on expanding their business.

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