Customer Success Story

APositive delivers A+ payroll management solution to help Rayne Recruitment thrive

APositive delivers A+ payroll solution for Rayne Recruitment

Customer introduction

Rayne Recruitment are a specialist IT Recruitment agency based in Perth. Founded in 2016 their focus from the very beginning has been to provide an honest, ethical and genuinely engaging recruitment experience that delivers exceptional results.

The situation

Rayne Recruitment had found its formula for successfully sourcing the right IT staff for the right IT roles underpinned by top quality customer service. However, their payroll provider was leaving the busy world of contractor management behind for more generalised industries, which established an urgent need to transition to a new provider.

In addition to this need for an urgent provider move, Rayne Recruitment wanted to expand its contractor book and scale the business. They knew they needed to find the right funding and support from a payroll provider that understood their industry and its requirements.

Enter APositive

APositive was a name shared with a high recommendation when the Rayne team began looking into potential providers. After extensive research and meetings, the payroll and funding solution proposed by APositive, along with their highly evident industry knowledge and experience, stood out from the pack and was the clear choice. They gave the Rayne team confidence that their strict timeframe could be met, and a complete data migration, alongside the system set up and testing, commenced seamlessly. The project was successfully delivered on time, and continuous communication of its progress was outlined throughout.

The outcomes

Not only was the solution delivered on schedule, but it enabled Rayne to continue the same pay cycles and timing with no disruption to their contractor’s payments which was a crucial goal for the organisation.

The Rayne branded timesheet and invoicing portal immediately provided a notable increase in candidate onboarding efficiency.

The newly acquired payroll funding from APositive has also paid immediate dividends. It allowed the organisation to scale as desired and saw an increase of more than 50% of their contractor book, which has empowered Rayne to take on more clients and contractors.

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