Customer Success Story

How permament recruitment funding and payroll finance has helped NatRec grow

Perm funding and payroll finance to help NatRec grow

NatRec recruiters are a national group – growing globally – who help recruiters start their own business by offering infrastructure, support and training. With a vested interest in sourcing the best talent for businesses and creating career paths for individuals, NatRec employs approximately 50 temps. While the recruiters are supported by a management team with more than 80-years of combined experience.

The problem

Needed fast access to workforce finance to plug the cash flow gap

Generally, start up recruiters have tight cash flow and need time to build a pipeline of contracting or temp sales before their finances reach a healthy position. Even when permanent placements are made early on in a business’ life, actually getting paid for those can be slow. Managing director, Russell Clarke says NatRec chose to work with APositive because of the quick response times, loyalty and attention to detail in addressing its growing pains.

"We are very happy with the service received. Our partners automatically receive finance and the operating system APositive uses is exemplary."

Russell Clarke, Managing Director, National Recruitment

The Solution

Perm funding and payroll finance to help NatRec grow

APositive accelerate cash into the business via perm funding and payroll finance. This means NatRec recruiters obtain funding for their work much faster than waiting on clients to pay, which can take up to 30 days. As temp sales are made payroll finance kicks in to ensure payroll is met on time, every time.

"APositive assured us they would be attentive and proactive. We are very happy with the service. Our recruitment Partners automatically receive finance and the operating system APositive uses is exemplary."

The Outcome

A seamless back office means temps are paid accurately and statutory obligations are kept up-to-date

APositive integrates with NatRec’s outsourced payroll manager and timesheeting system. This provides NatRec recruiters with a seamless back office and financing option to give them the confidence to grow uninhibited.

"Payroll finance enables us to grow our temp desk without worrying about how we can pay the temps. Plus, as APositive assists us to keep a properly conducted payroll our temps are paid accurately – and on time – and our statutory obligations are kept up-to-date."
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