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Breaking through financial barriers: APositive’s impact on Metro Workforce

Breaking through financial barriers: APositive’s impact on Metro Workforce

Introducing Metro Workforce

Industrial recruitment is a critical aspect of the economy, with recruitment companies playing a vital role in connecting industrial sector professionals with businesses that need their skills. For more than 2 decades, Rita, the director and owner of Metro Workforce, has been leading the company to success. Since its inception in 2002, the company has provided invaluable recruitment services to businesses throughout Australia, and has grown steadily in size and scope over the years.

Metro Workforce specialises in providing temporary, permanent and contract recruitment services to clients in the industrial sector, such as, warehousing, logistics and production spaces, traffic controllers, labourers and many more. With a heavy focus in the industrial sector, Metro Workforce’s blue collar consultants have extensive networks of candidates to help fill positions quickly, without cutting any corners.

Metro Workforce take great pride in cultivating a team of dedicated and loyal professionals, with a low staff turnover rate that ensures their clients have
long-term and dependable points of contact. Metro Workforce understands the importance of providing customised solutions that meet the specific timelines and unique business goals of their clients. With their collaborative mindset, Metro approaches each client with the aim of delivering tailored solutions that help them reach their desired outcomes.

The situation

Despite years of success, Metro faced an unexpected setback when their reliable clients were forced to extend payment terms due to COVID-19. This sudden change in cash flow put the business in a situation, whereby they could forsee the financial impact it would have on the business.

As a self-funded business, Metro Workforce found themselves facing a challenging situation when their seven-day to fourteen-day payment term clients, who had been consistently paying on time, were instructed to extend payment terms to 30/45 days due to COVID-19. This meant that Metro Workforce was suddenly faced with cash flow issues that they had never experienced before.

"Our partnership with APositive has alleviated our financial burdens and pressures, allowing us to navigate the challenges of the industrial recruitment space with ease. I couldn’t be happier, and I have already recommended APositive to others facing similar financial challenges."

Enter APositive

In the face of financial challenges and delays in payment terms caused by COVID-19, instead of succumbing to the challenges, Metro Workforce sought out a solution that would allow them to maintain their operations and continue growing their business.

Metro Workforce turned to APositive for assistance in managing their cash flow and supporting their continued growth. Payment delays put their cash flow at risk, which put them at risk of hindering their growth plans. APositive was appointed to assist with cash flow and provide financial services. Metro did not want to resort to loans and debt financing, which could lead to long-term financial burdens.

APositive provided invoice financing services to Metro Workforce, which allowed the company to receive an advance on their outstanding invoices. This meant that they did not have to wait for their customers to pay their invoices, and could instead use the cash flow to meet their immediate financial and growth needs. The process was simple: and allowed Metro Workforce to have more predictable cash flow, which they could use to invest in their business growth, open new offices, and expand their services to new states. The invoice financing services provided by APositive were a crucial component of Metro’s success, allowing them to overcome the cash flow challenges that many businesses in the recruitment industry face.

"Thanks to our partnership with APositive, we were able to expand into new states and open up a second office in Sydney. It’s like setting up a new business and can be expensive, but the cash flow injection we received from APositive made it possible. I hope other businesses that I have recommended APositive can experience the same level of success and growth that we have."

The outcomes

The partnership between Metro Workforce and APositive delivered exceptional results, empowering Metro Workforce to achieve continued long-term growth and success, while enhancing their ability to meet the needs of their customers and navigate the ongoing challenges of the industrial recruitment space.

Metro Workforce was able to open another state office in Brisbane and a second office in Sydney, expanding its presence in Australia. They were also able to confidently supply to customers in Western Australia and South Australia without any financially-driven delays. APositive’s assistance has not only solved the financial burden but has also enabled Metro Workforce to put more resources into their business, grow exponentially, and reach more customers.

Metro Workforce’s founder Rita continues to have a positive experience partnering with APositive, recommending the company to other businesses looking for invoicing and financial services. APositive exceeded their expectations and continues to play a crucial role in Metro Workforce’s growth and success, despite negative advice from other association groups. The partnership was smooth, reliable and helped Metro Workforce achieve their financial goals. Overall, the collaboration between Metro Workforce and APositive produced outstanding outcomes, empowering them to sustain long-term growth, meet customer needs, and overcome ongoing challenges in the recruitment industry.

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