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How the pandemic created confidence to go it alone and create bright futures

Agile Recruitment: How the pandemic created confidence to go it alone and create bright futures.

Introducing Agile Recruitment

Founded by experienced recruiters Karen Ryan and Trisha Roberts, Agile Recruitment took shape during the COVID-19 pandemic. This venture was born out of an opportunity that arose in challenging times, bringing together over fifty years of combined experience in recruitment and 20 years of working together. 

As Karen Ryan explains:

“During COVID I had a bit of an epiphany and thought, I can do this myself. We were home alone with a computer, we had loads of experience. It gave us an unexpected sense of confidence. “

Agile Recruitment specialises in finance and accounting placements for both temporary and permanent staff, whilst also working on HR and project roles and in both commercial and not-for-profit/for purpose organisations.

Uncharted territory

Whilst Karen and Trisha had the know-how to run a recruitment business, when it came to the daunting task of managing back-end operations, they were in uncharted territory. They had both worked at larger agencies with dedicated teams to run payroll. Now they were on their own. Their priority was to establish a system that minimised administrative workload and was both efficient and compliant.

“When we were in other companies, our finance team managed the payroll for our contractors. We used our specialised recruitment skills to service clients and candidates and successfully fill positions whilst leaving the back-end payroll to our finance team.”

Leaving the back office admin to the experts

Recognising the need to focus on their core competencies like client and candidate engagement and job placements, Agile Recruitment enlisted APositive to manage backend processes. This partnership was pivotal as APositive not only handled payroll, but also took on legal employment of candidates to lift significant burdens off Agile Recruitment. The support from APositive was instrumental in enabling Agile Recruitment to launch their business during the pandemic and meant they could focus their efforts on what they do best.

As Karen describes it: 

“Without APositive, we would be doing the payroll ourselves and this is not our area of expertise. Better use of our time and experience is to build relationships with clients and candidates and help them build strong and successful teams.  Our mission is to Create Bright Futures for the Agile Recruitment community and partnering with Apositive is instrumental in achieving this.” 
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