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APositive helps Career Building grow their business by 300% throughout 2020

 APositive helps Career Building grow their business by 300% during 2020

At APositive, our mission is to make lives easier through innovative business finance. We do this by providing invoice finance and payroll funding specifically for recruitment and labour hire businesses.

In the case of our client, Career Building, we helped them grow their business by 300% during 2020 and from a Sydney only provider, to a national business.

We caught up with Byron Van Gisborne the Director at Career Building to learn more about the efficiencies and outcomes that were delivered to their business.

Scaling from local to national

Career Building was founded in 2010 and was primarily focused on recruiting for the construction sector.

“We had planned to diversify into other industry verticals yet in 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to do so, and we were soon partnering with consultants who were either losing their jobs, or companies that were closing down.”

“This meant we could really target the sectors important to us, including Healthcare, IT and business services such as accounting, finance and business support; industries that Career Building is now very strong in. It also enabled us to partner with recruiters in Brisbane and Melbourne, and grow from a Sydney provider into a national provider.”

The diversification of Career Building meant they were looking for a finance partner that was nimble, reliable and had exceptional customer service. Career Building also set out to find a partner that wasn’t going to increase the workload of their consultants, and that integrated with the current ATS, finance and payroll systems.

The Solution – APositive

“We came across APositive, which met our needs perfectly”

Recruitment Specialists: “Most importantly, we needed APositive to finance both permanent and temporary recruitment”.

Integration with our software: “APositive integrates with our payroll software and with our ATS, the consultants don’t even know they’re there”


“The speed at which the temporary recruitment is financed is fantastic. We put an invoice through and it’s funded almost instantaneously, meaning we can then run payroll for the temp staff while we’re waiting on the invoice to be paid from the client.”

Perm Instalment Plans

“APay gives our recruitment consultants another tool for supporting our clients’ businesses. We know cash flow can be tight, but they still have recruitment needs. APay’s – Recruit Now Pay Later model really helps boost customers’ cash flow, taking the pain away from those perm recruitment fees so they can find the right talent for their business”.

Credit Checks

“APositive credit checks our clients before we work with them so the consultants have peace of mind that we’re only working with good standing customers, we know that when we do the work, we’re going to be paid.”

Business results that matter

Career Building originally had an outsourced payroll model which would have errors and mistakes meaning valuable time, money and reputation was lost.

“Service is a major priority at Career Building both internally and externally and APositive provides world-class services to its customers. The team helped us integrate the entire system and our consultants know we have a process that runs seamlessly with no errors or mistakes and our customers, clients and candidates are happy as well”

“We can’t thank the team at APositive enough, they’ve helped us grow 300% during this pandemic and from a small Sydney provider, to a national business. We’re looking forward to the relationship growing further and if you’re looking for a finance partner, contact APositive.”
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