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How does automation improve recruitment processes?

October 10, 2023
How does automation improve recruitment processes?

Automation has become more than a buzzword in recent years. Research from McKinsey and Company found that AI adoption has doubled since 2017 as more companies embed these platforms into their processes, and for good reason. As technology such as AI and automation has evolved, more businesses have tested these platforms and found opportunities for enhanced customer service, revenue growth, and improved ROI.

An automated recruiting process creates opportunities to simplify many aspects of operations by automating routine tasks and supporting recruiters in delivering more value to candidates and clients. Here are some key areas where automation improves recruitment.

Ease hiring processes

When sourcing candidates, recruiters must sort through resumes to compare skills against job requirements. It is a process that often involves hours of manual work to find the right fit. Automation cuts down on this time by using AI to scan resumes using predefined criteria to find candidates that match the skills required. Rather than spending an hour reading through resumes, recruiters can use their time for more valuable tasks such as interviewing candidates and building relationships with them.

Recruiters can also leverage automation to schedule interviews with candidates. Scheduling interviews often takes time to liaise with candidates about their availability and coordinate interviews with multiple people. Automated systems will propose interview times, confirm a suitable time slot and remind both parties of the appointment when it approaches.

Automation also supports recruiters in managing communication during the hiring process. Elongated hiring processes can cause people to become disengaged with the process and your company.

A study by LinkedIn found that 20% of job seekers drop out of the hiring process. While you cannot keep 100% of candidates engaged, you can improve their chances of staying with the process by using automation to maintain regular communication. Effective communication not only keeps candidates informed but also builds trust. It allows recruiters to focus on the relationship aspect, ensuring candidates feel valued every step of the way

Applicant Tracking Systems support an automated recruiting process

The mark of a good recruiter is the ability to manage and build relationships with candidates. An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, supports recruiters in achieving this. An ATS is a software solution that streamlines and manages multiple phases of the recruitment journey, from creating job posts, sorting applications, managing interviews and automating candidate communication.

One of the primary benefits of the ATS is its capability to organise candidate data. An ATS classifies and stores relevant information, making it readily accessible to recruiters.

An ATS does more than store candidate information. The system actively tracks every touchpoint with a candidate—from the initial application to subsequent follow-ups. This continuous tracking offers recruiters a comprehensive view of the candidate's journey and supports them in maintaining consistent communication. Managing communication also becomes essential when finding people to fill new opportunities.

Automate candidate onboarding

Getting the recruitment process right is essential for retaining candidates. A smooth onboarding experience directly influences a new hire's perception of the organisation, overall job satisfaction, and future performance. Any lapse in this critical phase could lead to decreased morale and potential early turnover.

Automation helps recruiters manage the distribution of digital documents and schedule orientation sessions. Recruiters often juggle multiple responsibilities with numerous documents to handle and background checks. With automation, new hires promptly receive all necessary documents and relevant guidance.

Furthermore, automation's benefits are not solely for candidates. For recruiters, an automated recruiting process reduces administrative tasks, leading to less manual work, fewer mistakes, and a more streamlined onboarding experience. No longer restricted by tedious administrative tasks, recruiters can focus on their core responsibilities and bring a personalised touch to their work.

Automating payroll

Paying candidates accurately and on time is perhaps the most crucial aspect of running a recruitment business. If you have placed a candidate you are responsible for paying, your organisation’s reputation relies on your ability to do this without delay.

Managing payroll is an often drawn-out component of running a recruitment business. Managing timesheets, for example, adds complexity to payroll, especially with candidates working various hours and roles. In addition, Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) stipulates pay conditions for specific industries and positions, and your payroll processes must maintain compliance with these.

Automated systems can manage calculations, address tax obligations, and oversee automated payouts. Automating these processes reduces the likelihood of errors and supports you in paying your candidates on time, every time.


Like many industries across Australia, automation is becoming a staple of the recruitment industry. From the initial stages of hiring to the final steps of payroll management, automation tools make finding and managing candidates much easier. By leveraging an automated recruiting process, you are well-positioned to offer efficient, accurate, and personalised services, building trust and satisfaction with your candidates and clients.

When recruiters no longer have to incorporate as many manual tasks into their day, they can spend more time building relationships with candidates. Automating communication helps recruiters maintain regular contact through follow-up emails and reminders to ensure candidates receive consistent updates about job opportunities.

Please note that before adopting automation solutions, you must ensure that the technology suits your company's needs. A solution that works for one agency may not work for another, so you should only use solutions that meet your specific needs and objectives.

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